Oles Ilchenko, "East 2".

Oles Ilchenko, Ukrainian writer and painter, creates his art worlds at different times
and in different countries. He was born and established himself in Kyiv, Ukraine,
and got his degrees in Kyiv and Moscow; exhibited his art photographs in his hometown and lectured in Geneva, Belgrade and Krakow.

Oles has been living in Geneva for a long time, and travelled across Europe and beyond. Impressions of the diverse world are reflected in the artist's paintings, which are stored in private collections in Switzerland, Germany, France, Ukraine, Monaco, and Poland. Oles agrees that the meaning of a painting cannot be the exact picture which you see reflected on the canvas. This is what painters do. If you listen to an artist, it is different: he needs to transfer emotions on the canvas and to merge with flowing images and colors.
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