Chicken Kyiv

This is my book "Chicken Kyiv. Secrets of Kyiv cooking".
A huge variety of dishes of Ukrainian cuisine formed the basis of Kyiv cuisine. Hundreds and hundreds of years of Kyiv's existence, its significance for Ukraine, and the city's location on the border of two natural zones have left their mark on the city's cuisine as an important component of Ukraine's incredibly lush gastronomy.
No one will object: Kyiv is famous for at least three unique culinary inventions known in the world: Kyiv-style cutlet, Kyiv cake and Kyiv dry jam. And these dishes have every right to be on the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage of mankind.
In the book "Chicken Kyiv. Secrets of Kyiv Cooking" contains many stories from the life of Kyiv 1960-1980: happy and sad, incredible and curious.
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